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  • Active Shooter Training

    All it takes is one moment. One insult, one threat, one punch, one gunshot. How will you respond to an active shooter threat?
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  • Single-Source Solution

    CIC brings a combination of experience, expertise and performance for all your Business & Employment needs.
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  • Pre-Employment

    CIC has a network of highly-trained Professional Researchers, giving your organization the vital background information it needs to help you hire the right person.
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CIC is a Private Investigation company licensed in Ohio and Michigan to conduct Investigative services for Law Firms and Corporations and offer access to Background Screening solutions to companies nationwide. Our experts will help you resolve critical problems within your business or private life.

Our Investigators and Screening Specialists are trained and equipped to handle your case. 1.800.573.2201 • 419.874.2201

  • Active Shooter
  • Employee Theft
  • Workers' Comp Fraud
active shooter

Active Shooter Training

Preventing Workplace Violence

Sadly, as the past couple of decades have shown, live active shooters and other attackers have wreaked havoc on workplaces. The majority of the victimized places did not have an emergency plan in place. What if such an incident occurs at your workplace?

CIC can provide you the needed training and implement a “Safe at Work” program for your company.

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employee theft


Preventing Employee Theft.

In today’s uncertain economy, many companies are trying to control their spending. Staff has been reduced, building repairs have been put off and anything that does not positively affect the bottom line is a potential cut.

Dishonest employees observe security holes before honest people do. If the risk of getting caught is relatively low they won't hesitate in the moment to take advantage of an opportunity.

CIC can identify the opportunities that the thieves are looking for.

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workers' compensation fraud


Exposing Workers' Compensation Fraud.

Do you have a Workers’ Compensation claim that is destroying your bottom line? CIC documents fraud. Our dedicated surveillance team has documented claimants doing activities that are inconsistent with the injuries that they claim.

If there is the slightest suspicion of fraud, CIC can often provide you with enough evidence to dispute, discontinue, or negotiate a lower settlement for a claim.

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