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Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (or ATS) is a human resources tool that allows employers to automate and manage the recruitment and hiring process.

CIC's Employment Screening System has an integrated Applicant Tracking feature that provides data insights to help you evaluate your processes, identify roadblocks, and generate reports to track an applicant’s progress during the hiring process.

Some basic features are:

  • Applicant invitations and reminders
  • Applicant onboarding and management
  • Customize and schedule emails to the applicant
  • Track and monitor the applicant's progress

The Applicant "Quick Invite" Guides the Candidate through the Onboarding Process

A good applicant invitation process is essential to your recruitment process. How you interface with your candidates goes a long way to how they perceive your company. CIC's seamless, efficient Applicant "Quick Invite" helps you promote your company to prospective employees in a positive way.

You will save time and eliminate a lot of the paperwork and data entry involved in the hiring process when you use our Applicant "Quick Invite" feature. All you have to do is send the invite to the applicant and they do the rest; click the link, complete the requested information, download documents, then electronically sign required forms.

Our Applicant Tracking System Autofills Notice & Consent Forms

CIC's Applicant Tracking System conveniently autofills Notice & Consent and other relevant forms from the information entered by your applicant. The applicant can handle all the data entry, complete the consent form, and download a copy of the FCRA Summary.

Integrate Applicant Tracking and HRIS Systems

Basic integration with HRIS vendors provides additional productivity and cost-savings. Once connected, your HRIS solution and our Applicant Tracking System are accessible within your online portal, providing you with a cost-saving solution where information can easily flow between systems.

Start Using CIC's Applicant Tracking and "Quick Invite" Features

CIC's Applicant Tracking System will help you streamline your workflow to save time. As technology has become more versatile, automating the candidate onboarding process and integrating essential systems has become easier and less costly.

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