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CIC offers news and updates to employers about the latest laws, trends and risks related to hiring, fraud, and drugs or violence in the workplace.

Drug Abuse Surveillance

Smoke breaks, drug deals, and alcohol “pick-me- ups” could put your company in danger in so many ways. Over the years, our experienced investigators have helped many of our clients with these issues.

Whether it be parking lot surveillance, or a security assessment of your business, or implementation of a Random Selection drug testing program, we have the resources to help you make your business a safer, more secure place for employees, customers and visitors.

If you listen to the news, you cannot help but be aware of the huge heroine problem in many of our states. It is cheaper than marijuana, easy to find and highly addictive. It is the opinion of many that marijuana is a gateway drug so with 46 states and the District of Columbia having some form of legalized marijuana, can we make the connection that we will have more drug-related problems in the workplace? Remember, marijuana is still listed on the Federal Register as a Class One illegal drug - right up there with heroine.

A client came to us with a drug-related problem. It had been brought to this employer’s attention that one of his employees was suspected of using illegal drugs during breaks at work. This was worrisome on many levels — creating potential health, safety, and performance problems.

Shortly after setting up our surveillance, we spotted the subject going to his car for his dinner break. Immediately upon entering the car, he pulled out an illegal substance. He glanced over his shoulders a few of times and did not see anyone watching. Thinking he was in the clear, he began cutting and snorting his illegal drug of choice.

Having positioned our vehicle next to the suspect’s car, our surveillance footage was indisputable. When confronted with the evidence, the employee refused a drug test and resigned from his supervisory position.

Our client realized that there was a potentially dangerous situation at his facility and took action to resolve the problem. If the problem had gone unaddressed, the outcome could have been devastating.

If you suspect there is a drug problem in your workplace, we can help you, just as we have helped so many others.

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