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Social Media Screening

Social Media Screening is one of the most efficient ways to leverage web and social data to maintain policy at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

By coupling social media screening with traditional background checks, employers have a higher chance of identifying individuals who could easily harm a company's productivity and brand.

In fact, between 90 - 98% of employers use social media to screen candidates, and 79% of HR professionals have denied a candidate due to inappropriate social media content.

FCRA Compliant Social Media Screening

CIC is pleased to offer FCRA compliant social media screening that focuses on problematic online behavior and is delivered in comprehensive, easy to read reports.

CIC’s Social Media Search provides employers with an insight into a candidate’s online behavior and appropriateness as a fit for a company’s basic code of conduct, values, and social media policy.

There are no irrelevant results to wade through; we do the work for you and report FCRA compliant data.

The Social Media Screening Process

1. Augmented AI and human expert analytics are utilized to identify a subject's online presence.

A combination of AI and FCRA trained researchers will be used to review a candidate’s public social media profiles where adverse content is likely to be found.

2. Publicly available social media content is reviewed for potentially inappropriate conduct.

This review can reveal behavior that is not in line with an organization’s values or beliefs, such as:

  • Intolerance
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Illegal activity
  • Threats / potential violence

3. Each social media screening report is composed with a summary of examples of adverse actionable content.

Your report is created with a summary of screenshot examples from public profiles.

4. A unique Protected Class Safety™ feature is applied to each report.

Since most social media posts and profiles include items that could be considered discriminatory, we redact protected class information from the report.

5. We deliver a concise report of relevant data for unbiased, informed hiring.

We do the work for you and report only what is relevant to your company.

Get Started Hiring the Right Candidate

CIC now offers a Mini HR Clinic that will walk you through the steps of performing a social media search as a standalone search or in addition to your current background checks. This Mini HR Clinic will also show you how our employment screening system saves you time while keeping you compliant with the FCRA.


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