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As HR professionals, business owners and managers, we are faced daily with the task of decision making in just about any given situation. Black and white it’s not. Easy? Rarely. If there were a manual for every possibility, it would be larger than we could carry and would have added revisions weekly. So we are just left to our own parameters of whatever knowledge we’ve gained, and our good sense. Not much comfort is it? Well, it’s not the answer manual, but here are some situations you might wonder what to do in and the best practice advice that goes with them.

Of course you’re concerned about hiring the right person for the job. We all are. You’ve done your homework and polished your recruiting skills. You put the right incentives in place to attract the kind of people you’re looking for. You’ve developed a sound program for interviewing and testing and pre-screening applicants in an effort to limit potential liability for negligent hiring. You are the model employer of Due Diligence. Then it happens ...

Upon reviewing a background report for employment purposes which contains information that may adversely affect the hiring decision, the employer must follow strict procedures as stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.