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Drug Screening

Fact: 74% of all drug users are employed. To avoid hiring problem employees, employers need to do background checks and drug testing. CIC offers an advanced Drug Testing program to help employers recognize and screen for common drugs of abuse.

Drug Screening

Drug Screening

CIC is pleased to provide our clients with a comprehensive Drug Screening Program. Our provider has had extensive experience providing drug testing and clinical services to companies, government organizations and educational institutions for both regulated and non-regulated programs.

Teaming up with CIC will provide you with:

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  • Security and Consumer Protection
In response to the need for a convenient and less invasive means for Drug Testing, CIC has added the Oral Swab test to our drug testing options. This new test can be done “on site” without the need to travel to a lab. It is then sent to our federally certified SAMSHA lab for testing and review by the MRO. The results are emailed to us within 1-3 days. The Oral Swab tests for Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiate, Phencyclidine, Marijuana, and Methamphetamines. Contact us if you would like more information on our newest drug screening option.
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Reasons for Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is conducted on a new hire/ prospect employee to monitor policy compliance and minimize health and safety risk for existing employees. An “employee” means any person who will work for salary, wages, or other remuneration for an employer.

Reasonable Suspicion / Cause Testing

Reasonable-suspicion drug testing involves drug testing based on a belief that an employee is using or has used drugs in violation of the employer's policy drawn from specific objective and articulable facts and reasonable inferences drawn from those facts in light of experience. Among other things, such facts and inferences may be based upon:

  • Observable phenomena while at work, such as direct observation of drug use or of the physical symptoms or manifestations of being under the influence of a drug.
  • Abnormal conduct or erratic behavior while at work or a significant deterioration in work performance.
  • A report of drug use, provided by a reliable and credible source.
  • Evidence that an individual has tampered with a drug test during his or her employment with the current employer.
  • Information that an employee has caused, contributed to, or been involved in an accident while at work.
  • Evidence that an employee has used, possessed, sold, solicited, or transferred drugs while working or while on the employer's premises or while operating the employer's vehicle, machinery, or equipment.

Follow-up Testing

If the employee has a prohibited conduct event, a follow-up testing schedule will be determined by the SAP after the individual produces a negative Return-to-Duty test result. The employer is responsible for determining specific dates and times, in accordance with the determined testing schedule. CIC is able to work with the employer to coordinate the selection of dates and times for the follow up testing.

Return-to-Duty Testing

As an employer, if you decide that you want to permit an employee who has tested positive on a controlled substance or alcohol test to return to work, you must ensure that the employee takes a return-to-duty test, which results of negative. This test usually occurs after a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) or an EAP has determined the employee has successfully complied with prescribed education and/or treatment.

Hair Testing

Available at lab locations throughout the US.
Drug Common Terms / Examples
Cocaine benzoylecgonine, cocaine (crack, rock, coke)
Marijuana weed, grass, pot, dope
Opiates codeine, morphine, heroin, 6-monacteyl morphine
Methamphetamine meth / amphetamine, ecstasy
Phencyclidine PCP, angel dust

The hair analysis method is the only test that cannot be altered. Methods such as abstaining from alcohol (for short periods of time) can adversely affect blood tests.

5 Panel Urine Test

Drug Common Terms / Examples
Cocaine / Metabolite crack, rock, coke
THC Metabolite marijuana, weed, grass, pot, dope
Opiates codeine, morphine, heroin
Amphetamines speed, uppers
Phencyclidine PCP, angel dust

9 Panel Urine Test

Includes all 5 panel tests plus:
Drug Common Terms / Examples
Methadone done
Propoxphene darvon
Benzodiazepines downers
Barbiturates downers

10 Panel Urine Test

Includes all 5 and 9 panel tests plus:
Drug Common Terms / Examples
Methaqualone ludes

6 Panel Oral Swab Test

Drug Common Terms / Examples
Amphetamines speed, uppers
Cocaine / Metabolite crack, rock, coke
Opiates codeine, morphine, heroin
Phencyclidine PCP, angel dust
THC Metabolite marijuana, weed, grass, pot, dope
Methamphetamine meth / amphetamine, ecstasy

Photo identification is required on the day of testing.

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