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Corporate Investigations

CIC provides research, expertise, and thorough documentation to help you make informed management decisions. Our process involves providing detailed investigative plans, itemized cost estimates, frequent information updates, and acting as a law enforcement / prosecution liaison.

Corporate Investigations
Corporate and Business Security and Investigative Expertise provided by CIC since 1977.

Investigative Services

Fulfilling our clients’ Investigative needs has been our primary goal since 1977, and will be our goal into the future. Our process usually starts with a call from our corporate or business client or a call from their attorney. We meet with our prospective client to discuss their project to get a solid understanding of what their problem is. We discuss what the symptoms, or the potential evidence of their problem might be and examine possible solutions. We learn from our clients what their goals are, and make sure their attorney is involved in the situation.

We then discuss this with our group of investigators, who have many years of diverse experience, to develop a proposed investigative plan. In this process we consider corporate culture and rules, our many years of experience in labor matters, and the law. We also give much thought to logistics, which may help or alter our investigative plan.

Next we develop our proposed investigative plan, which we share with our client and their attorney. We discuss this plan thoroughly with our client to go over any potential problems that we can conceive. We make sure that our client and their counsel are on the investigative team with us and have complete control of the process. CIC has been quite successful with this business model. If our proposed investigative plan is accepted, we give our clients a cost estimate. We also discuss the potential timeline for the investigation based on the plan as accepted. If that meets their approval, we proceed with the first phase of our investigation.

As the investigation proceeds we update our clients with each step of our process. Our clients are in charge and can shut down the investigation at any point they feel they are not getting a good return on their investment. If they are pleased, we continue with the next step. The evidence is evaluated by our clients as we collect it. That may be a sworn statement, video tape, photographs, or analysis of their records. If the investigative plan needs to be changed based on how the investigation is proceeding, we do that with our client’s blessing. While the investigative process moves forward, our investigators keep in mind “what conditions existed that allowed this to happen” and “how do we keep this from happening again”. We also make note of other vulnerabilities that we observe and bring them to the attention of our client. We make recommendations to our client to stimulate ideas from them. They will know what process might work best to reduce that vulnerability in their business. Ultimately it is our client who will make the appropriate changes to keep problems from reoccurring. “Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me!”

If the documentation warrants it, with our clients’ permission, we may meet with law enforcement or the prosecutors to see if they might move the information and the subject toward prosecution. We will again discuss with our client the potential costs involved with going forward with prosecution.

If our client or their counsel have a problem in other parts of the country, we help our clients find and vet a suitable investigative company in that area who has the credentials to work a particular type of investigation. CIC can directly refer that investigator to our client or help manage the investigation. With all of the technology available to us, we have successfully managed investigations all over the world. Our clients trust us to help them make sure that they are getting a good return on their investment.

Our Expertise . . . Your Peace of Mind.

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