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Screening Services

Corporate Intelligence Consultants has a network of professional Screening Specialists, giving your organization access to the vital background information it needs when hiring applicants, vetting credentialed and licensed healthcare professionals, and testing employees for adherence to strict drug-free workplace policies.

Employment Screening

Since 1977, CIC has helped HR professionals and operations managers in dealing with the challenges involved in Background Screening procedures and other critical HR issues such as Drug Testing and Sanctions Reporting.

CIC understands the need to be able to focus on a variety of tasks. We are able to provide low cost and quick turnaround to boost your productivity and improve the bottom line.

Key features include:

  • Online Ordering, Results, and Billing
  • Add-on Applicant Tracking System
  • Re-checks for Driving History and Sanctions Report
  • Random Pulls for Drug Tests and Driving History Re-checks
  • Hands-on Training
  • No Setup Fees

Do not let the stress of multiple tasks keep you from being efficient and effective in your daily work. Contact CIC today: 1.800.573.2201.

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