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Security Management

How does your business look from the street? CIC will bring security best practices and consistency to your organization that will reduce opportunity for incidents to occur.

Security Management
CIC Security experts will help you maximize workplace safety and security.

Security Management Services

Corporate Intelligence Consultants has over three decades of experience helping corporate clients investigate and manage problems. Our experience has shown us, that many of the problems were made possible because of an opportunity that persons from the inside or outside took advantage of. When the problem is first observed and reported to management there are some critical steps that should take place. This will ensure that proper documentation is made so that the company can take appropriate action. It will also reduce liability exposure.

CIC has had an ongoing Security Management relationship with several clients for many years. This relationship was born out of a trusting relationship developed by working closely with us during our investigative and prevention processes.

Many of our clients have the need for a specialist with in the company to take care of Security. Sometimes that responsibility is managed by committee; the maintenance supervisor is responsible for locks, alarms, and doors, the human resource manager is responsible for access control and documenting employee wrong doing, and the plant manager is responsible for budgeting prevention solutions. These critical areas do not receive the attention that they sometimes need to have to help prevent incidents from occurring. The costs of security by committee are often higher than consulting with an experienced Security Profesional.

With CIC’s experience and training, we can bring security best practices and consistency to your organization that will reduce opportunity for incidents to occur. We would start the process by conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment of each of your facilities or only specific areas of concern. We will report our findings to you and will help you prioritize the options to improve your security. We also can help you review security related proposals and supervise installations.

Additionally, the Security Vulnerability Assessment will provide us with first-hand knowledge of your facilities and thereby enable us to intelligently and quickly respond to emergency situations. Your management team will have a trained security professional to consult with 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

CIC can also provide site specific security training for management, employees, and security officers. Our Violence in the Workplace in-service training for supervisors and employees is an excellent example of how we can educate everyone on proper proactive and reactive measures, in managing perceived and known threats.

During contract negotiations CIC has helped prepare clients for labor disruptions and has much experience managing security during strikes. We have also provided NLRB appropriate video documentation of illegal activity during the strikes. We also have much experience providing Executive Protection during difficult times.

CIC can be your facility’s first call for investigative support to get ideas on how to keep a situation from getting worse and how to properly document who is responsible for the problem so that action can be taken. CIC can gather intelligence about allegations that have been made through the most appropriate method.

You may ask yourself; why don’t I just call the police. We at CIC have a background in Law Enforcement. We appreciate the fine work that they do. Many police departments are understaffed and over burdened as you may know. When Law Enforcement is called, you have no control over the investigation and normally our clients objective is to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. When a police report is made, the matter becomes a public record. When you work with us we are an extension of your management group. You and your counsel are in control, always! We always work closely with our clients to create investigative plans and develop realistic budgets for projects. As part of your team, there will be no surprises.

CIC is licensed and insured to provide investigative services in the States of Ohio and Michigan. No licensing is required in any State for Security Management consulting.

Please perform your own Due Diligence on us and give us a call for references. If you have interest in this cost effective service we should more fully discuss the scope of the service desired so that we can provide you with a cost estimate. Call us to speak with one of our security experts.

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