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Thomas LaFarree


Thomas LaFarree, Investigator

Thomas LaFarree

Tom holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toledo. He has over 30 years experience in federal law enforcement. His first 2 years were spent with the IRS Intelligence Division enforcing the IRS statutes of the United States Code relative to tax fraud and evasion. The next 28 years were spent with the U.S. Secret Service enforcing the United States statutes relative to various financial crimes such as counterfeiting, forgery, credit card fraud, bank fraud, computer fraud, money laundering and other such crimes. He also investigated those individuals who threatened to kill the President of the United States, and/or other domestic protectees as well as visiting foreign protectees. Tom also provided physical protection for various U.S. Presidents, other domestic protectees and visiting foreign Heads of State and/or governments.


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