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    Social Media Intelligence

    CIC’s Social Media Search provides employers with an insight into a candidate’s online behavior and appropriateness as a fit for a company’s basic code of conduct, values, and social media policy.
social media screening

Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

If you are currently doing your social media search in-house, consider letting CIC do it for you. Not only will it save you time, it will limit the risk of a negligent hire and prevent you from unintentionally applying bias to your employment decision.

Surveys conducted in 2020 show that between 90% and 98% of employers surveyed use social media to screen candidates; 79% of HR professionals have denied a candidate due to inappropriate social media content.

CIC's Social Media Screening

CIC is pleased to offer Social Media Screening that focuses on problematic online behavior and is delivered in comprehensive, easy to read reports. Here's how it works:

  • Augmented AI and human expert analytics are utilized to identify a subject's online presence.

    In this FCRA compliant search, a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and FCRA trained researchers will be used to review a subject’s public, online profile on websites where adverse content is likely to be found.

    Usernames and Passwords will not be requested. We report only publicly available content which has been reviewed for business-related behaviors.

  • Publicly available content is reviewed for potentially inappropriate conduct.

    This review can reveal behavior that is not in line with an organization’s values or beliefs, such as:

    • Intolerance
    • Sexually explicit content
    • Illegal activity
    • Threats / potential violence
  • Each report is composed with a summary of examples of adverse actionable content.

    Your report is created with a summary of screenshot examples from public profiles including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • A unique Protected Class Safety™ feature is applied to each report, redacting protected class information pertaining to the subject.

    Since most social media posts and profiles include items that could be considered discriminatory, we redact protected class information from the report.
  • We deliver a concise report of relevant data for unbiased, informed hiring.

    There are no irrelevant results to wade through. We do the work for you and report only what is relevant to your company, quickly and without the noise of unusable data.

FCRA Compliant + Protected Class Safety™

Employers must conduct compliant due diligence in the hiring process. Employers must get consent from their job candidates before we will conduct a social media background check for them. That way all applicants are aware of the investigation. Only publicly available information is reviewed; no hacking whatsoever!

We utilize the only social media CRA to have been successfully reviewed by the FTC. Our product uses AI and FCRA-trained human analysts to focus on problematic online behavior.

Our unique Protected Class Safety™ feature, redacts protected class information from the final report, thus eliminating the unintentional application of bias to employment decisions.

Protected class information includes:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • National Origin
  • Race
  • Religion

We do the work for you and report FCRA compliant data, quickly and without the noise of unusable data.

CIC's Social Media Search

Don’t risk your company’s hard-earned reputation! Conduct compliant due diligence in the hiring process using CIC's Social Media Search. Download our Social Media Intelligence flyer to learn more.

Get Social Media Intelligence

CIC can help HR professionals access the vital background information needed to hire the most qualified candidates. Our experienced staff will work with you to tailor packages based on your needs and keep you compliant with the FCRA. Call to get started: 419.874.2201 / 800.573.2201