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Social Media Screening Reports for Ethical Employment Decisions

Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

If you currently perform your social media screening in-house, consider letting CIC do it for you. It will save you time, limit the risk of a negligent hire, and prevent you from unintentionally applying bias to your employment decision.

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Social Media Screening

Social media screening is one of the most efficient ways to leverage web and social data to maintain policy at each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Pre-employment social media screening offers insights into an applicant's online conduct, aligning with a company's code of conduct, values, and social media policy.

Post-hire or random screenings uncover behaviors misaligned with organizational values. Despite interview impressions, a social media check reveals additional facets of an applicant's character.

90 - 98%
of employers use social media to screen candidates.
of HR professionals have denied a candidate due to inappropriate social media content.

Social media screening targets posts most relevant to business leaders, including presidents, CEOs, HR, and security professionals.

  • Intolerance
  • Harassment
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Potential Violence

Integrating social media screening with your background checks boosts your vetting efficiency, leading to a safer workforce.

Don’t risk your company’s hard-earned reputation!

CIC’s Social Media Screening

Social Media Screening Search Methodology

Our compliant search involves AI and trained researchers scrutinizing candidates' public online profiles on key websites. We focus exclusively on publicly available content relevant to business conduct. The final report includes a curated summary with screenshots of significant findings.

  • Social Media Profile Search

    Initiate your candidate's assessment with our advanced AI and human expert analysis. We diligently explore public online profiles while adhering to FCRA, EEOC, GDPR, and SOC regulations, focusing on relevant behaviors without intruding on privacy. This first step sets the foundation for a thorough and compliant screening process.
  • Detailed Behavior Analysis

    Deepen the evaluation by analyzing public content for signs of conduct misaligned with your organization's values. Our review process targets critical areas such as intolerance, explicit content, illegal activities, and potential threats, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the candidate's public persona.
  • Comprehensive Report Summary

    Each candidate's digital footprint is distilled into a concise report. Our summaries include actionable insights from major social platforms, emphasizing context and relevance. This step transforms extensive data into digestible, actionable information crucial for the following stages of employment screening.
  • Protected Class Compliance

    Incorporate each report's unique Protected Class Safety™ feature to maintain ethical standards. By redacting sensitive information, we prevent potential discrimination, ensuring your hiring process respects privacy and promotes fairness.

    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Genetic Information
    • National Origin
    • Race
    • Religion
  • Essential Information Synthesis

    Receive a streamlined report focused solely on aspects crucial to your hiring decision. We filter out the noise, providing you with clear, pertinent information. This final report equips you with the essentials for an unbiased evaluation.
  • Informed Hiring Decision

    Leverage the insights gathered to make informed hiring decisions. This crucial step involves integrating the comprehensive data from our reports to select candidates who best fit your company's ethos and culture, completing the cycle of a responsible and effective screening process.

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Social Media Screening Service

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CIC’s Social Media Screening Service includes a 7-year search of these social platforms, ensuring compliance with FCRA, EEOC, GDPR, and SOC regulations, and other pertinent state and local laws.

7-Year Search

Various Others
+ 10,000 Media Sources
Protected Class Safety™ Feature

Performing This Search Prevents:

  • Inconsistent Candidate Screening
  • Screening Criteria Bias
  • Costly Legal Reprecussions

Advantages Include:

  • Improving Quality of Hires
  • Safeguarding Brand Reputation
  • Identifying Potential Risk

Turnaround Time:

  • 1 – 2 Days

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