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CIC surveillance investigators deal with issues pertaining to hiring, firing, and everything in between.

Professional Surveillance

CIC has a team of trained and licensed Surveillance Specialists. These investigators are well-equipped to provide corporations and law firms with quality video surveillance evidence sufficient to file criminal fraud charges and support successful litigation.

CIC is an expert in the area of video surveillance investigation. When you choose to work with CIC, our investigators will help you gain insight regarding a subject’s true lifestyle. We can provide sufficient evidence to file criminal fraud charges thereby reducing insurance premiums and settlements.

Employers choose CIC because of our level of professionalism, our dedication to the task at hand, and the experience we bring to our investigations. We pride ourselves on the high quality video and comprehensive case reports we compile for our clients. CIC's superior video and detailed case reports are essential elements in the documentation of fraudulent behavior.

Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Investigations

CIC investigators document fraud. From roofing, painting, and farming to skydiving, hunting, and auto racing – our dedicated team of investigators has captured and documented Workers’ Compensation and other insurance claimants in fraudulent acts.

Do you have a Workers’ Compensation claim that is destroying your bottom line? CIC's surveillance team can help you reduce your insurance premiums by providing you with the evidence you will need to discontinue a claim or negotiate a lower settlement. Call CIC at the least suspicion of fraud and enlist the help of our surveillance experts.

Surveillance Technology

At CIC, we are excited to use the newest technology to obtain the evidence needed for our clients. If video is required of the subject up close and personal, we have wearable covert cameras that will capture high quality video. Blending into a neighborhood is a must on surveillance. We incorporate many strategies to watch a subject without their detection. Our video will be captured using the highest quality video cameras and lenses. We also have the experience and technology for installing real-time GPS tracking devices. If a stationary covert camera is needed, we can hide them in numerous household items for motion-detected video recording. CIC will provide our video evidence using convenient and secure online technology that makes it easy for our clients to watch.

Surveillance Strategy

Do you suspect Insurance Fraud? Let CIC's experienced insurance investigators protect your company from loss due to fraudulent insurance claims related to personal injury, and FMLA abuse. We will work with you to develop the right plan for your specific needs. Once we have completed our investigation, CIC will provide you with high quality video evidence and professional reports, an important part of any fraud investigation.

An insurance fraud case can have a negative influence on the workforce. CIC works closely with our clients to develop and implement a strategic plan to expose the fraud while reducing any negative impact on the workforce. Get in touch with our surveillance specialist to begin building a case strategy.

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