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  • Employment Screening

    Employment Screening

    CIC has a network of professional screening specialists, giving your organization access to the vital background information it needs when hiring applicants, vetting credentialed and licensed healthcare professionals, and testing employees for adherence to strict drug-free workplace policies.

    CIC has a network of screening specialists, giving you access to vital background information.

  • Drugs in the Workplace

    Drugs in the Workplace

    Smoke breaks, drug deals, and alcohol “pick-me- ups” could put your company at risk in many ways. Our experienced investigators have helped many clients with these issues.

    Smoke breaks, drug deals, and alcohol “pick-me-ups” could put your company at risk in many ways.

  • Active Shooter Training

    Active Shooter Training

    All it takes is one moment. One insult, one threat, one punch, one gunshot — any of these situations will have devastating effects on your hardworking staff. It is critical to be proactive in assessing workplace safety.

    All it takes is one moment — one insult, one threat, one punch, one gunshot.

Active Shooter Training

The Threat is Real - Take it Seriously.

How can a company prevent workplace violence?

It's essential to train employees on how to identify possible threats, how to report them, and how to react in a violent situation.

The training involves knowing what warning signs to look for, what triggers to avoid, how to manage your emotions and how to determine whether to run, hide, or fight.

Corporate Investigations

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Corporate Intelligence Consultants is a corporate investigations company licensed in Ohio and Michigan to conduct investigative services for law firms and organizations. CIC provides access to background screening solutions to companies nationwide. Our security experts will help you resolve critical problems of threats in the workplace.

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Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Our research specialists will provide access to background information vital to making good hiring decisions, including:

  • federal and/or criminal background
  • employment and/or education verification
  • driving and/or credit history
  • employee sanctions checks

Investigative Surveillance

Our surveillance experts will implement strategic plans, covert camera and tracking systems, and video evidence to expose:

  • workers' compensation fraud
  • FMLA abuse
  • drugs in the workplace
  • employee theft

Security Management

Our expert team will offer security vulnerability assessments and training to your organization to mitigate and prevent:

  • active shooter / workplace violence
  • employee harassment / threats
  • difficult terminations
  • corporate espionage / theft

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