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  • background screening portal

    Get the Most out of Your Screening Portal

    Did you know that there is an easy way to access instructions, documents and forms on the Screening Portal? CIC strives to include pertinent new forms and maintain an updated list of essential documents related to Tenant and Pre-employment screening.

  • security access control

    The Key to Better Access Control For Your Business

    In today’s world, the threats to your business from outside are greater than ever. Every business should take time to assess their buildings, review their key control policies and take the necessary steps to improve their access control.

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment

    Don't Let Your Business Become a Target

    A Security Vulnerability Assessment is the first step to a safer, more productive workplace and the protection of company assets. Call 419.874.2201 to request an assessment.
  • security private personal information

    Security and PII in a World Gone Mad

    There is a lot going on out there that directly affects Employers. FCRA, PII, "Ban the Box," and more. CIC provides the resources and expert guidance to ensure your process remains secure and compliant.

  • I-9 E-Verify

    Fully Integrated I-9 and E-Verify System

    Since I-9 is required for all employees, why not use our electronic version? It is a simple flip of the switch on our side and you are ready to start; no minimum order, no binding contract, no renewal fee and all part of the same system you use for your background checks!

Corporate Investigations and Employment Screening

Corporate Intelligence Consultants is licensed in Ohio and Michigan to conduct investigative services for law firms and organizations. CIC provides access to drug testing and employment screening solutions to companies nationwide. Our security experts will help you resolve critical problems of threats in the workplace.

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employment screening

Employment Screening

Our research specialists will provide access to background information vital to making good hiring decisions, including:

  • Federal and/or criminal background
  • Employment and/or education verification
  • Driving and/or credit history
  • Employee sanctions checks

Investigative Services

Our investigators will implement strategic plans, covert camera and tracking systems, and video evidence to expose:

  • Workers' compensation fraud
  • FMLA abuse
  • Drugs in the workplace
  • Employee theft

employment screening
security management

Security Management

Our expert team will offer security vulnerability assessments and training to your organization to mitigate and prevent:

  • Active shooter / workplace violence
  • Employee harassment / threats
  • Difficult terminations
  • Corporate espionage / theft

Top News

CIC offers news and updates to employers about the latest laws, trends and risks related to hiring, fraud, and drugs or violence in the workplace.

Improving Compliance With an Electronic Form I-9 Process

With the ever-increasing need for some employers to hire non-U.S. citizens, using CIC's Electronic Form I-9 process makes it easier for you and your employees to ensure compliance with U.S. employment law.

Essential Reasons To Have An Employee Drug Screening Program

Drug use can have very serious consequences for the health of your employees, as well as the company in general. There are many repercussions if drugs in your workplace are not taken seriously, so it's important that you know the essentials of an employee drug screening program.

Social Media Screening: Don't Risk Your Company's Reputation

Protect your company from a bad hire. Social media screening is an important step in the hiring process, and it's also a great way to learn about a candidate before you make a commitment.

Lower Background Screening Costs with an Applicant Invite Process

Background checks are a big component of hiring new employees. However, when an employer is doing their due diligence on a job candidate, they face one major problem - the time it takes to complete a background check and the associated costs. Find out how we can help employers save time and money by using our automated applicant invite process.

MVR Checks And MVR Monitoring To Protect Against Driver Risk

Monitoring driver performance is a huge responsibility for companies. The success of a company can depend on the performance of its drivers. To protect against driver risk, MVR checks and MVR monitoring is the solution for employers.

Corporate Investigation

Corporate Intelligence Consultants provides research, expertise, and thorough documentation to help you make informed management decisions. Our process involves providing detailed investigative plans, itemized cost estimates, frequent information updates, and acting as a law enforcement / prosecution liaison.

Do Not Let Your Business Become a Target.

Do Not Let Your Business Become a Target.

Your facility is secure, right? How sure are you? Sure enough to stake your business on it?

CIC has developed training for companies just like yours that can help you find the hidden holes in your security, train your supervisors on prevention, and teach the team what to do when a problem is detected. Discover how your facility may look to a criminal, then contact CIC to request a Security Vulnerability Assessment.



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