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Strikes and Labor Disputes

CIC security professionals are prepared to manage and document strike and labor disputes to protect facilities, operations, and personnel.

Strikes / Labor Disputes

Corporate Intelligence Consultants’ team of Security Professionals has the kind of hands-on experience necessary to manage and document strike and labor disputes – with a proven track record of success.

CIC starts by developing a pre-strike plan that determines how to best protect the facility and ensure continuous operations. With CIC’s pre-strike plans, we make recommendations for security enhancements to the site.

While it takes time to properly prepare for a strike, working with CIC enables companies and organizations to bargain from a position of preparedness, not panic. Depending on your needs and logistics, CIC will provide assistance with:

  • Strikes and Labor Disputes
  • Continued production and shipping
  • Delivery of utilities
  • Supplier and vendor relationships
  • Access control
  • Security officer staffing
  • Proprietary video documentation for labor counsel
  • Supplemental video documentation of the strike
  • Lighting
  • Protection for management and nonunion employees
  • Pre-strike communications with law enforcement
  • Planning and training for crossing picket lines safely
  • Outplacement support
  • Orderly re-start when employees return to work

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