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Threat Mitigation

CIC Investigators have years of experience working through the risk assessment and the executive protection process, in both the public and private sectors, evaluating the situation and providing recommendations based on the level of the threat.

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CIC security professionals provide risk assessments to help mitigate threats from hostile employees.

Threat Mitigation

Corporate Intelligence Consultants has provided threat mitigation for corporate clients since we began in 1977. Many of our investigators have worked through the risk assessment and the executive protection process in both the public and private sectors.

We have assisted clients by managing security before, during and after business closings, a process that takes much thought and planning to insure safety. We help clients evaluate threatening letters, emails and phone calls and provide recommendations based on the level of the threat.

In today’s business climate CIC Investigators are involved in assisting our clients during terminations. Employees being terminated are always treated with respect and we help to recover their personal belongings and assist them to their vehicles. Proper planning and tactics make sure that we all go home safely after the termination. CIC investigators will provide security at a business for a period of time if the conduct of the terminated employee at the termination warrants it. We work closely with Law Enforcement to insure a prompt response if they are needed.

Our threat management professionals have many years of experience in the areas of:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Hostile Employee
  • Termination
  • Downsizing
  • Evaluating Threats
  • Security Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Security Recommendation
  • Management of Contract Security officers
  • Executive Protection

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Nearly 2 million people annually are the victims of violent crime at work.

  • 6.3% of all rapes occur at work
  • 2.3% of all robberies occur at work
  • 12.9% of all aggravated assaults occur at work
  • 17.8% of all simple assaults occur at work

Homicide was the fourth leading cause of all job-related deaths in 2013 $121 billion annual cost to business:

  • Lost productivity
  • Legal expenses
  • Property damage
  • Diminished public image
  • Increased security

Each year, 500,000 employees lose:

  • 1,175,000 work days
  • $55 million in lost wages

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