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Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Training

All it takes is one moment. One insult, one threat, one punch, one gunshot — any of these situations will have devastating effects on your hardworking staff. It is critical to be proactive in assessing workplace safety. How can a company prevent workplace violence?

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Active Shooter

Active Shooter Training

Our professionally trained personnel are uniquely qualified to help you with your Workplace Violence / Active Shooter program. Working with your team, CIC will help you design a program that will support and enhance your on-going safety and security efforts and make sure that is in line with current best practices.


  • Create a Workplace Violence Policy
  • Assess security vulnerabilities of your facilities and make recommendations for improvement
  • Establish a team to stem workplace violence
  • Coordinate activities with Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue teams
  • Provide assistance during uncomfortable or potentially violent employee terminations
  • Provide a higher level of security for the facility or potential targets after problematic incidents
  • Provide post termination evaluations of the subject
  • Provide discreet surveillance of the subject
  • Post incident review of Workplace Violence team performance

CIC's "Safe at Work" program satisfies the Ohio BWC's Green Period Requirements.

Workplace Violence
18,000 workers are assaulted in the workplace weekly.

Workplace Violence

When you are faced with an act of violence in your workplace, would you know what to do? Workplace violence is real and it can happen to you! Whether the threat is from the outside or inside, you must have a plan in place so that every one of your employees has a fair chance of surviving. This takes planning, training and practice.

CIC has been investigating threats and assaults in the workplace since our inception in 1977. Based on our experience, we believe that it is essential for every company to develop a plan of action to follow if confronted with an active shooter situation or another form of workplace violence.

Do not take the cookie cutter approach to developing your plan. A manufacturing facility, an office building, a hospital, a mall, a convenience store, a bank, a school or university, a theatre; all are potential targets, each has their own dynamic . We believe that a solid plan is made up of several components, each designed for your unique situation. Develop your plan, train your employees and practice the plan just like you would for a fire or severe weather event.

Identifying areas of vulnerability is part of the planning process. It is surprising what a trained observer can pick up during a tour of your facility. Our investigators, along with your team, can identify areas of physical vulnerability and develop a proactive plan of action specifically for your facility.

Training employees on how to identify possible threats, know who to report them to and how to react in a violent situation is essential. You want to give your employees every chance of surviving. Knowing what warning signs to look for, what triggers to avoid, how to manage your emotions and how to assess the situation and determine whether to run, hide, or fight, are all important parts of the training.

Practice is the final piece to the plan. This is the practical application of all the planning and training that has taken place so far. Being aware of your surroundings and reacting quickly to any given situation is key to increasing chances of survival. Whether you are at your workstation or in the break room, you must know what your options are; what are the evacuation routes, where are the best places to hide, and what are your “fight” possibilities. Visualization and practice are essential to being prepared and equipped with the tools to help you make the crucial decisions needed in a highly emotional situation.

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Nearly 2 million people annually are the victims of violent crime at work.

  • 6.3% of all rapes occur at work
  • 2.3% of all robberies occur at work
  • 12.9% of all aggravated assaults occur at work
  • 17.8% of all simple assaults occur at work

Homicide was the fourth leading cause of all job-related deaths in 2013 $121 billion annual cost to business:

  • Lost productivity
  • Legal expenses
  • Property damage
  • Diminished public image
  • Increased security

Each year, 500,000 employees lose:

  • 1,175,000 work days
  • $55 million in lost wages

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