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Electronic Countermeasures

CIC investigators are trained and equipped to discover surveillance devices that secretly intercept sensitive information.

Electronic Countermeasures

In today's global marketplace, Corporate espionage is a real threat and becoming more prevalent every year. The use of electronic surveillance devices to secretly intercept communications can yield highly sensitive information. In the wrong hands, this information can have devastating effects that are often impossible to recover from. The key when it comes to Electronic Eavesdropping Detection is to be proactive. The threat is real, the downside is huge!

Corporate Intelligence Consultants has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and training to detect bugs and taps. Even a simple baby room monitor can be hidden with relative ease and can transmit undetected for years. Trained by the experts at Ross Engineering, Dektor Counterintelligence and Security, and Research Electronics International, our lead investigators have provided CIC's Electronic Countermeasure Service to Fortune 100 companies, law firms, hospitals, school boards, police departments, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and politicians who want to ensure the confidentiality of their communications in critical areas.

Electronic Eavesdropping Detection

CIC’s trained and experienced investigators recommend annual inspections as well as inspections immediately prior to critical meetings. If you have an important meeting scheduled or you feel that confidential information has been leaked, remove yourself from the area of concern and contact CIC on a secure telephone line. Our experts will advise you on the steps you need to take to secure your facility from the threat of bugs and taps.

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