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Corporate Downsizing

CIC Security Professionals have been involved in managing potentially difficult terminations for decades.

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CIC Security Professionals are trained to manage potentially difficult terminations.

Corporate Downsizing and Potentially Difficult Terminations

While it is best to plan for unpleasant events, in today's economy it is hard to plan for contingencies. CIC's professional team has been involved in managing potentially violent terminations for decades.

Ever since the term, going postal was coined, our corporate clients have taken terminations a lot more seriously. We prepare for the unpleasant event by making sure that we evaluate what is going on in the lives of the people who we have to help exit gracefully. We try to be understanding of the emotions of the people being let go. We genuinely want to help them leave with as little embarrassment as possible while being mindful that our priority is the security of our clients and ourselves.

We will evaluate with our clients how the short meeting went and how the employees exited the building. If they have personal property that will be delivered the following day by us. This gives our investigative professional an opportunity to evaluate the demeanor and attitude of the individuals who have just lost their jobs. We will make plans for providing additional trained security at the facility for a period of time. We also consult with our clients as Security Managers, making recommendations for security staffing and strategies.

As active members of the American Society for Industrial Security for over 36 years, Corporate Intelligence Consultants has developed a network of security professionals around the world that can assist us with our clients' specialized needs regarding staff downsizing and difficult terminations. Please call us to discuss, in confidence, what your concerns are.

Document - Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Training

All it takes is one moment.

On a normal day, we clock in, we work hard, and we clock out. It is business as usual; nothing eventful happens. Yet, workplace violence is a real threat. Homicides are now the leading cause of non-accidental workplace deaths. Whether the assailant is a spouse, a current or former employee, a customer, or a random stranger, workplace safety cannot be assumed. One insult, one threat, one punch, one gunshot — any of these situations will have devastating effects on your hardworking staff.

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