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Insurance Fraud

CIC investigators will document circumstances surrounding property damage or personal injuries to expose attempts at insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Industry studies show that insurance fraud costs consumers $20.9 billion every year. Corporate Intelligence Consultants proudly employs professional investigators who will help insurance adjusters, attorneys, and corporations to detect, document, and discontinue insurance fraud.

CIC’s insurance investigators will efficiently assist you to prevent the loss of money from fraudulent insurance claims related to vandalism and burglary of property, personal injury, and Workers’ Compensation.

Communication with our clients is crucial throughout the insurance fraud investigation, which includes:

  • Conducting due diligence on parties involved in an insurance investigation
  • Locating witnesses and claimants
  • Interviewing witnesses and obtaining sworn statements
  • Securing legal evidence of a fraudulent insurance claim
  • Photographing damage and accident scenes
  • Professionally and legally conducting surveillance
  • Providing secure access to CIC’s online Case Management System, which allows you to conveniently watch high-quality surveillance video and read detailed insurance investigation reports

By working closely with our clients, CIC creates a realistic insurance investigative plan to achieve well-stated goals within established budgets.

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