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Adverse Action Process

CIC continues to stress the importance of using the Adverse Action process to remain in compliance when denying employment based on the background check report.

Upon reviewing a background check report performed for employment-related purposes, if information is reported that may adversely affect the hiring decision, the employer must follow strict procedures as outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The name can be misleading, as the FCRA covers a wider scope – not just credit reports. The FCRA applies to any information gathered on a subject to assist an employer in making an employment decision.

Use the Adverse Action Process to Remain in Compliance with the FCRA

The penalties for not strictly following FCRA can be catastrophic to an employer. Whether it is not using the Adverse Action process at all, omitting one of the steps, or using an old copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights, many legal cases have been brought against employers, costing them millions of dollars in penalties.

Use Our Employment Screening System for an Accurate, Automated, and Compliant Process

CIC provides a streamlined process that allows you to remain in compliance with the FCRA. This includes the simple steps that an employer must follow when denying employment based on information reported in a background check.

You will be able to generate the Adverse Action letters directly from our employment screening portal. In addition, all of our background check reports include a copy of the most recent FCRA Summary of Rights and Credit Freeze.

Adverse Action notices are built into the screening system. You simply download them with the completed report and either mail or email them to your candidate. Many useful documents are either built into the employment screening system or available to download.

Some basic features are:

  • Pre-formatted Adverse Action letters
  • Download or print from order
  • Email or send via USPS
  • Document library with samples
  • Most current FCRA Summary
  • System Manuals / Instructions
  • Notice & Consent forms
  • Specific state forms

Learn How to Implement the Adverse Action Process

CIC is offering a Mini HR Clinic to walk you through the Adverse Action Process and to show you how our Employment Screening system will help you organize and automate the process to keep you compliant with the FCRA.


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