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CIC offers news and updates to employers about the latest laws, trends and risks related to hiring, fraud, and drugs or violence in the workplace.

Background Checks

Conducting background checks is essential to a company that needs access to accurate and timely data in order to hire good employees.

By not running a proper background checks on a job candidates, you could be risking your company's productivity, reputation, and even safety due to hiring the wrong person.

Perform Thorough Background Checks to Hire the Right Person.

Comprehensive background check reports, delivered by experienced investigators, can help employers screen quality candidates, thus reducing employee turnover, training costs, and even potential workplace violence.

  • 53% of job applicants falsify employment documents. (SHRM)
  • 11% of job applicants misrepresent why they left a former employer. (US Chamber of Commerce)
  • 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices (US Department of Commerce)

As employers continue to struggle filling positions and rehiring staff, it's imperative that applicants undergo thorough background checks in order to detect erroneous and potentially fraudulent information.

CIC's team of professional screening specialists will monitor every background check for quality control, to ensure you get the most accurate information as quickly as possible.

Are You Performing Background Checks on New and Returning Employees?

There’s a lot to consider as we steadily return to a fully staffed workforce. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you conduct background checks during the hiring process:

  • Do I need to update my Background Check Policy?

These are unprecedented times and you may not have envisioned the problems that we are currently seeing. CIC's experienced screening specialists will work with you to tailor background research based on your needs and keep you compliant with the FCRA and other applicable state and local laws.

  • Should I run background checks on all new and returning workers?

Due to the impact of the pandemic, many people have had to seek temporary work out of state. A lot can happen, even in a few months, so think about running basic criminal background checks for all rehires as well as new job candidates. CIC's background researchers will thoroughly review and verify each order.

FCRA-Compliant Background Check Reports

CIC will work with you to discuss your employment background screening needs. We can assist you with selecting the appropriate searches and packages that will render the background check results that you are looking for.

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