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Get the Most out of Your Screening Portal

Did you know that there is an easy way to access instructions, documents and forms on the Screening Portal? CIC strives to include pertinent new forms and maintain an updated list of essential documents related to Tenant and Pre-employment screening. They can be found by choosing the Docs & Forms option on the header of the home page. Here are some examples of documents and forms that are available to you via the screening portal ...

1. Applicant Consent / Applicant Release

The current consent form or Applicant Consent / Applicant Release. This is a “sample” consent form provided for your use. It contains certain required language and fillable fields for identifiers needed in order to complete the background check. If you would like to add your company logo, we will be happy to do that for you.

2. FCRA Summary of Rights and Credit Freeze

The current FCRA Summary of Rights and Credit Freeze. This document was updated over a year ago to add the Credit Freeze information. If you are using an older version, please upload the current version and start using it right away.

3. Minor Consent

A Minor Consent form is also available. If you are hiring a minor, this form must be used. A parent or guardian must sign the consent for a minor.

4. PA MVR Client Release

The PA MVR Client Release. This is a new form provided by the State of Pennsylvania. Due to the Covid situation, PA has changed how they process driver records requests. Previously, the applicant had to complete a special PA release form that was sent in to the state for processing. This process took several weeks. Now, PA requires your company to complete a one-time release form allowing you to receive MVA records from the state. Once you complete the Release form and return it to CIC, it will take 4-6 weeks for the state to process and then you will receive your PA MVR reports within minutes of placing an order.

We encourage all clients to complete the PA MVR Client Release now so that when you do have a PA MVR that needs to be run, you can get your results right away.

5. User's Manual

The User’s Manual is a detailed look at the various ordering options and functions available on our Screening Portal.

Remember ...

  • In order to run a background check you must have a signed consent from the applicant.
  • You must also give them a copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights and Credit Freeze. These documents are included in the Docs & Forms on the Screening Portal.
  • They are also required documents when using the Applicant Quick Invite.

That widget is located on your home page and is an easy way to make sure that your applicants have the correct documents and that you have their consent to run the background check.

Remain Compliant + Save Time

Not only will you be compliant, you will save time! For more information on how the Applicant Quick Invite works, give us a call at: 419.874.2201 or 800.573.2201.

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