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MVR checks

Monitoring driver performance is a huge responsibility for companies. The success of a company can depend on the performance of its drivers. To protect against driver risk, MVR checks and MVR monitoring is the solution for employers.

What are MVR Checks?

MVR checks are a way to identify and protect against driver risk. By conducting MVR checks, you can identify potential Driver Risk Issues and take appropriate action to mitigate the risks.

A Driver Risk Issue is an existing circumstance or an underlying condition of a driver that may result in unsafe driving behavior or increase the risk of a crash.

The following are examples of the types of risk issues that could trigger an immediate, adverse reaction to the road:

  • A driver's physical or mental health condition
  • Alcohol or drug impairment
  • Drug or traffic convictions
  • Poor driving behavior such as aggressive or erratic driving

MVR checks are performed with the assistance of screening specialists and conducted through the authorized use of external data sources. This can include data from major insurance carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other third party sources.

Benefits of MVR Checks

By using MVR checks, organizations can identify potential drivers who have been involved in incidents or who have exhibited dangerous driving behaviors. This information can be used to make decisions about whether to keep the driver in employment, suspend their license, or take other action.

In addition, by monitoring employees' driving behavior, employers can detect changes in behavior that may indicate that a driver is at risk of causing an incident. By taking these steps, companies can help to prevent incidents from happening and protect themselves and their passengers.

There are many benefits to MVR checking, including:

  • Ensuring your drivers are safe and compliant with regulations
  • Improving overall driver productivity
  • Reducing the risk of claims from customers or third-party providers
  • Helping reduce driver turnover

Benefits of MVR Monitoring

Monitoring of MVRs is vital to protect your business against driver risk. Monitoring and rechecking these records can help you identify and correct any safety issues with your employees.

The benefits of MVR monitoring include:

  • Identifying and correcting employee safety issues before they become serious accidents
  • Reducing the number of accidents caused by careless or impaired employees on your driving roster
  • Improving driver morale, as it shows that the company takes safety seriously
  • Helping to avoid costly litigation

How Can Employers Utilize MVR Checks and Monitoring?

MVR checks and monitoring can help protect against driver risk in a number of ways. By regularly checking MVR records, employers can identify potential problems early and take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of their employees. This can include suspending or terminating an individual’s driving privileges, or referring them for counseling or therapy.

Additionally, monitoring MVR records can help identify trends that could suggest future problems, allowing employers to take proactive steps to prevent them from occurring.

How to Perform MVR Checks

MVR checks can be performed manually or using automated tools. The best option is to use CIC's Employment Screening platform to run MVR checks and rechecks. Our system will generate reports including driving records from any of the 50 states with the following information:

  • DUIs
  • Points
  • Suspensions
  • Accidents
  • Minor Traffic Violations


As an employer, it is important to protect your drivers and passengers by taking precautions against driver risk. One way to do this is to use MVR checks and monitoring.

MVR checks are a simple way to identify when a driver is not safe to operate a vehicle. By using MVR monitoring, you can detect when a driver is driving without proper credentials or has violated certain safety regulations. By doing both of these things, you can ensure the safety of your employees and protect your company from liability.

Pre-Employment Background Screening

In addition to MVR Checks, employers can use CIC's employment screening system to order background checks, analyze reports, and track applicants at their leisure—all while receiving timely results.

Our system provides integrated, cost-effective solutions to assist you and your HR team in increasing efficiency and saving time.

Here are a few of the reasons why employers are partnering with CIC for their employment screening process:

Our easy-to-use Applicant Quick Invite assists you in promoting your organization to prospective employees in a favorable way.

Our system will capture all of the required information for Form I-9 and will electronically send it once completed.

Many helpful documents, such as Adverse Action notices, are either integrated within the employment screening system or are available for download.

Basic integration with HRIS / Payroll vendors saves money by allowing information to move easily between systems.

Every order you place is customized and compliant, and it is overseen by our quality-control team. We will collaborate with you to generate background research that is specific to your employment needs.

Our easy, fully-automated employment screening system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your preferred device.

Contact a CIC screening professional at 419.874.2201 if you have any questions or concerns about MVR Checks, general background checks, customized searches, or employment documentation. You can also request a demonstration of our employment screening system.

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