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HR Tech Solutions

Let’s face it, we live in a tech-orientated world and nothing has made us more aware of that than the adjustments we have all had to make to our home lives and our work lives in the wake of the coronavirus. Our children are going to school virtually, our meetings are held virtually, we visit with friends and family virtually and we will probably be sharing our holidays virtually. If we haven’t embraced technology, yet, we had better get serious about it or we’ll miss out on a lot ...

Your HR Tech Toolbox

  • What does your HR Tech Toolbox look like?
  • Are you taking advantage of what is available to you?
  • Do you even know what is available?

Assessing what you have is always a good place to start. Take a look at how you are currently doing things and determining where there is room for improvement. Think about those areas where you could eliminate paperwork and ask your vendors and suppliers if they have technology available that could help you streamline your processes.

In the world where I live, the background screening world, we have lots of options that are built into our software and available to our clients with a simple adjustment to their account setup.

Things like:

  • Built-in Electronic I-9
  • E-Verify
  • CBSV (Consent Based SSN Verification)
  • Automatic Sanctions Monitoring
  • Electronic CCFs for Drug Screening

These are all available in a single-source solution and have the added benefit of ensuring that the electronic documents are compliant.

MVR Rechecks

Before tech made it easier, one of the most time-consuming things to do was to run periodic MVR rechecks.

Now that we have bulk uploads available, your MVR reports will be available to you in a matter of minutes.

In addition, periodic background rechecks can easily be accomplished without any additional order entry. Just a couple of clicks of the mouse and your order is sent to CIC for processing.

Applicant Invites

Dealing with a tech-oriented workforce requires upping your recruiting game. How you interface with your candidates goes a long way to how they perceive your company.

A seamless, efficient Applicant Portal helps you promote your company to prospective employees in a positive way and eliminates a lot of the paperwork and data entry involved in the hiring process.

A candidate interface that is accessible across all devices is essential in this tech-oriented world.

When placing an order in our Applicant Invite Widget, the applicant simply opens the email generated by the screening software, completes their information, downloads the required forms, consents to the background check, and electronically signs the Consent Form.

To personalize and brand the process further, company logos can be added and additional onboarding information can be uploaded by the employer and included in the Applicant Invite documents.

HRIS Systems Integration

Integrations between HRIS systems have become easier and less costly as technology has become more accessible and versatile. CIC’s screening software has integrations with many major HRIS systems.

In addition, many programs offer an open API (Application Programming Interface) which will allow a basic integration between systems with minor programming required.

Integrations between systems will allow for a single login and eliminate the need for multiple entries of the same information.

Applicant Tracking

Tracking data is essential in evaluating the effectiveness of your processes. CIC’s screening software can generate many types of reports for you to use to track your applicant’s progress and identify roadblocks to the process.

Turnaround Time (TAT) reports, quarterly or year end usage reports, re-check reports are just a few examples of reports that can be generated.

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