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security vulnerability assessment

Security is always important, and conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment of your facility or job site can help you identify the points where lack of security threatens your company and your workforce.

In fact, failing to conduct routine assessments could result in serious consequences such as theft and burglary, property damage and vandalism, or threats and workplace violence.

What is a Security Vulnerability Assessment?

A Security Vulnerability Assessment is the first step to a safer, more productive workplace and the protection of company assets. It is a process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the security threats that your company faces. Ultimately, it is a systematic plan to protect your company from both internal and external security threats.

The Importance of Conducting a Security Vulnerability Assessment

Conducting a security vulnerability assessment is important because it will help identify any gaps in your security measures. This assessment should be conducted periodically to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts and close any gaps that have opened up since your last assessment. A security vulnerability assessment can be done internally or externally by a third-party security management consultant firm.

The results of a security vulnerability assessment are used to determine what changes need to be made to ensure that the systems and procedures protecting your employees and company are more secure. Companies use this information to assess their current risk profile, make sure they have enough defenses, and mitigate risks when possible.

Steps To Conducting A Security Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerabilities can arise at any time, but they can be reduced by conducting a routine security vulnerability assessment. This involves careful examination of perimeters both outside and inside the facility.

Before the Property Line

At this initial point, security experts would survey the areas around a property to see if there are any potential problems. This will typically involve stakeouts where they observe and take note of 'targets' or potential entrances. For example, they might look for dirt piles and holes in the ground which could give someone access to the property without being seen. At the

Property Line

Ideally, this is where guards or other personnel check employees and visitors before they enter a facility by vehicle or on foot. An assessment might reveal points along this perimeter that could be breached such as faulty gates, or damaged fencing and walls.

At the Building

This is where personnel are monitored or logged when entering the building. For example, a company may require ID cards for employees and use cameras and alarms at key access points to make sure only authorized individuals gain entry. Lack of security measures at this perimeter could allow intruders or suspicious packages to get through undetected.

In the Building

Security experts will survey hallways, restrooms, stairwells, and any other areas of a building, including rooms with sensitive assets that need protection. A security management team will test the integrity of locks, check lighting conditions, and determine which vulnerable areas in the facility may be exploited.

Common Mistakes That Lead To Serious Consequences

Security mistakes at a facility can lead to costly consequences. Lax safety measures, degraded structures, and carelessness among employees can put your facility and property at risk. Some common mistakes include:

  • No locks or faulty locks
  • Inoperable cameras or alarm systems
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Propped open doors
  • Unattended, unlocked vehicles

Something as simple as a closed and locked door tells an opportunistic thief that there may be other measures in place inside and perhaps it might be better to move on to the next business.

CIC Security Management

It is in the best interests of an employer to take proactive actions to examine their company's vulnerabilities and build a plan to resolve any issue areas. Engaging an outside agency whose expertise can look at your facilities with a new view is a smart practice.

Our 40 years of experience serving a wide range of corporate clients has repeatedly demonstrated that being proactive about building security minimizes liability and saves money.

If you need assistance with a security issue, a Security Vulnerability Assessment is a great place to start.

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