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Social Media Screening

In today’s hyper-connected world, an employee's misbehavior online can be as risky to your business as those with a criminal history. That's why Social Media Screening is popular among growing businesses ...

Many employers still use only traditional screening methods for new candidates, hoping it will get the job done. By combining old and new screening methods, you can get a far more comprehensive idea of your candidate's true nature.

Social Media Screening Reduces the Risk of Hiring Problematic Employees

Social Media Screening is a powerful tool to leverage better candidates and create better, faster hiring procedures that benefit both employer and employee.

If you’ve managed to find your candidate through social media or a third party recruitment site, chances are they are socially savvy and have a significant social media footprint already. It’s this deeper insight into candidates’ personalities that most employers need in order to mitigate hiring risks today.

Because hiring and training employees is such a costly endeavor, it’s essential to know not only if the employee is a convicted criminal, but if that person is going to exhibit violent or threatening behaviors towards other employees. In this way, Social Media Screening also protects businesses in the long-term by reducing the risk that an employee’s behavior will bring legal action against them.

Moreover, Social Media Screening can potentially help companies reduce turnover by finding employees who are a good match culturally.

What is a Social Media Screening Report?

Social Media Screening examines a candidate’s online behavior, searching for any red flags that may indicate the person will not be a good employee.

A Social Media Screening Report might include comments about guns, violence, explicitly sexual remarks, threats, drug use, and other behaviors or attitudes that might not align with a company’s brand.

With a combination of software automation and experienced social media analysts, CIC identifies a candidate’s potentially problematic online activity and provides you with an FCRA-compliant report to use in your hiring decision.

Social Media Screening is also bound by the same federal and state regulations regarding third party disclosures of personal information as traditional criminal background checks, and therefore does not permit prospective employers to know anything about the candidate’s race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, etc.

To ensure compliance with FCRA and other state laws, the screening process requires a trained human to review the results, culling data that is not allowed to be shared with prospective employers while also verifying the candidate’s identity.

Hire the Right Candidates Using Our Compliant Screening Process

Are you currently conducting your social media searches in-house? Why waste time with data entry or risk compliance when screening automation can peruse, sort, and flag a candidate’s entire web presence within a short turnaround window?

Let CIC demonstrate the steps of performing a social media search as a standalone search or in addition to your current background checks. We will also show you how our Employment Screening System saves you time while keeping you compliant with the FCRA.

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