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Social Media Screening

Social media screening taps into publicly shared social media information as a means to determine whether or not someone is a good fit for employment. Contrary to what you may think, social media screening does not focus on personal habits or traits, but highlights behavior that could raise serious concerns in the workplace.

Social Media Screening Safeguards Against Problematic Hires

Social media screening may uncover information that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere—including potentially illegal activity, violent attitudes or behaviors, racism, intolerance, and sexually explicit material.

Unlike criminal background checks—which negatively and disproportionately impact minorities and low income communities—social media data is truer to a person’s character in real time and more accurately represents social demographics. When performed correctly (and legally), social media screening prevents problematic hires from entering your workforce, encourages more positive relationships between coworkers and managers, and promotes a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion.

Social Media Background Checks Make You More Efficient

Not only has social media background screening become the clear ethical choice for socially responsible businesses, but it can also save you money. By reducing the number of problematic hires that slip through traditional background checks, you foster a more positive workplace environment over time, and that saves you money.

The saying “Your employees are your most valuable asset” stands true in more ways than one. Your team is valuable because their job performance keeps your business running, but they are also literally valuable in that about 30% of your annual revenue is spent on your employees. These considerable costs explain why employee retention statistics have become the hallmark of a healthy company—or an unhealthy one—and why more employers are turning to social media screening in the hiring process.

Statistically, most good employees leave because of bad relationships: with their boss, with their work, or with their peers. If these relationships are fundamental to your business health, you need to make sure that your employment screening practices follow suit.

Prevalence of Social Data in Hiring Decisions

Surveys conducted in 2020 show that between 90% and 98% of employers surveyed use social media to screen candidates; 79% of HR professionals have denied a candidate due to inappropriate social media content.

If you are currently doing your social media search in-house, consider letting CIC do it for you. Not only will it save you time, it will limit the risk of a negligent hire and prevent you from unintentionally applying bias to your employment decision.

CIC Social Media Reports

CIC is pleased to offer a social media search solution that focuses on problematic online behavior and is delivered in comprehensive, easy to read reports. Using a combination of software automation and experienced social media analysts, CIC identifies a candidate’s potentially problematic online activity and provides you with an FCRA-compliant report to use in your hiring decision. We will check for these red flags:

  • Intolerance
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Illegal activity
  • Threats / potential violence

Take this opportunity to strengthen the possibilities of a successful hire and include social media screening in your next background check order.

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