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Active Shooter: 8 Points of Concern Your Company Must Address

"I'm working in my second floor cubicle when I hear screams from down the stairwell. Then glass breaking and gunshots. The shots sound like *pop* sounds, not like in the movies. I stand up and look over the other cubicles to see co-worker's looking back at me in terror. No one knows what to do, or where to go ..."

"More shots and more screaming; I think of my family at home–Is help on the way?! I can hear no sirens because the loud noises around me take control of the air. My heart is pounding like it will jump out of my chest. I am getting frantic now. More shots; more screaming. I have to get out of here!

Just then, I see our two wheelchair bound employees–How will we all get out? How can we all take the stairs together? Do we run as a group or are we each on our own? The shots are getting a lot louder and screams on my floor are pushing me at great speed to make my decisions. It's all coming at me too fast.

I hear heavy footsteps on the stairs. They are getting louder now. We're trapped on our floor! All of us trapped with nothing to do but wait until those footsteps reach us?

And then we see him: the plant troublemaker. He was fired 4 weeks ago but here he is again with a pistol in each hand ..."

The media is consistently showing us the final disastrous results of an active shooter in our communities and our businesses. Have you and your employees been trained in how to effectively respond to emergencies like these?

Here are some important areas of concern that you must address:

  1. Who are we dealing with in these situations? Statistics show us that a shooter could be a co-worker, salesperson, client, family member, former co-worker, patient, or someone off the street. 500 to 1,000 lives are lost each year to shooters in the workplace. Years of events like these show us that the death count will likely rise with time.
  2. How do you deal with employee's angry outbursts or threats? Confrontation, or responding in an equally angry way could escalate the situation. But don't take these outbursts lightly. These can be very serious indicators for all of you.
  3. If shooting starts, what do you do? Where do you go? You have to have a plan and everyone has to know and follow that plan. The plan must be site specific as well. Are all of your employees capable of escaping or hiding?
  4. If you run, where will you go? How do you run? If you hide, how do you effectively do that? Will my plan place me in danger when the police arrive? Too many innocent people are killed when they are caught in the crossfire between the criminal and the police.
  5. Locked doors are not truly secure if the criminal has a firearm. Is your only option to be trapped?
  6. Do you know the difference between "Cover" and "Concealment?" and how best to use them?
  7. Do you know what words to use or what body language to exhibit if you are confronted by an armed criminal?
  8. Do your usual procedures make it easy for people to enter your business?

Let CIC help you and your workforce with a site specific plan of action to increase your odds of survival. Our professionals know what to do and will be happy to share their expertise and experiences with you and your staff. We want to see your company thrive safely. Let's work together to have a safer workplace.

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