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Case Study: Electronic Countermeasures

A large manufacturing client engaged us to investigate the theft of some rather expensive gifts that were normally given to honored guests. The ensuing investigation revealed the person who was stealing the gifts. During a search of the employee's office for the stolen gifts, our theft investigators made an unexpected discovery ...

They found two books whose titles were troubling; “How to Get Anything on Anybody” and a General Telephone technical manual. This discovery prompted us to scrutinize the employee’s credit card purchases. From that, we determined that the employee had purchased a telephone switching device. The device, once simply installed, would allow anyone to call an extension and listen in to room audio.

Once presented with this new information, our client then asked us to conduct an electronic countermeasures survey of the executive offices. This search revealed that the switching device had been installed in a very critical area. When the employee was confronted with the evidence by Corporate Intelligence Consultants trained interviewers, he admitted to both the theft and the installation of the telephone monitoring device.

As a result of our thorough investigation, our client had grounds for termination, his admission; and evidence to support a successful prosecution of the employee.

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