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difficult terminations

Difficult terminations are one of the biggest challenges facing an employer. When terminating an employee, a manager must take every precaution to ensure the safety of the workplace. Would you know what behaviors to look for or what actions might trigger a violent response during a difficult termination?

Corporate Intelligence Consultants has developed a security program to meet employers' specialized needs regarding staff downsizing and difficult terminations.

Preparing for Difficult Terminations

In discussing how to handle difficult terminations with our clients, CIC advises that once the decision has been made that a termination is necessary, an employer must take action as soon as possible.

A termination should be a short event. It should not be framed as an opportunity for the employee to resist or argue. Instead, it is a time for the employer to end their relationship with an employee immediately.

As such, at the moment of termination, an employer should be prepared with all of the relevant separation paperwork and details, including information on severance pay, insurance, or company property that must be relinquished and personal property that will be returned.

Security Checks Prior to Difficult Terminations

Having a trained security professional assist you in your potentially difficult terminations is essential to protecting your workplace.

CIC's pre-termination preparation includes research to determine if there has been recent criminal or violent activity so we can watch for any signals during the termination that might point to a violent outburst.

We ask for advance access to the room where the termination will take place to familiarize ourselves with the facility and to identify any problem areas or security issues. It is also important to know what vehicle the employee is driving and where it is located.

Assistance During a Difficult Termination

When CIC provides support during difficult terminations, we are usually introduced to the employee as the company's security consultants.

Our role is to observe the demeanor of the employee and watch for any signs of escalating emotional distress and outline the pre-determined conditions of termination.

At the conclusion of the meeting, we escort the former employee from the building and watch for behaviors as they go to their car and leave the facility.

Potential Threats of Violence

Active shooter events are an even greater problem today. Most are the result of a highly agitated individual doing irrational things. Many things can trigger an act of violence in the workplace, but there is one thing that employers don’t often think of as a possible trigger – a termination.

During difficult terminations, emotions run high and could escalate if the person being terminated is known to have a temper, has made threatening statements to co-workers, or even bragged about having guns. Our professionally trained personnel are uniquely qualified to help you with your Workplace Violence / Active Shooter program.

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