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New Form I-9 and ICE remote verification updates 2023

Important shifts are taking place in employment verification procedures. In particular, Form I-9 has changed, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) unveiling a new version on August 1, 2023. Additionally, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has initiated a new remote verification pilot program.

Below, we delve into how these adjustments impact employers and simplify the verification process.

Unveiling the Revised Form I-9: What's New

The new Form I-9 became mandatory on August 1, 2023, replacing the previous version.

The revamped form streamlines several aspects, including a single-page format and a reduced instruction guide.

This development aims to enhance accessibility and efficiency for employers.

ICE's Pilot Program: Expanding Remote Verification

ICE has launched a pilot program focused on enabling smaller employers to conduct remote verification of I-9 forms.

This program is currently under evaluation, with eligibility expected to be limited to companies with 500 employees.

E-Verify's Role in Streamlining Verification

For employers already enrolled in the E-Verify program, the recent changes include an option for remote document verification through live video interaction.

This addition simplifies the verification procedure and offers greater flexibility in the onboarding process.

Streamlined Employment Verification

The August 2023 updates to Form I-9 and ICE's new remote verification pilot program offer streamlined options for employment verification.

Whether you're a smaller employer or part of a larger organization, these changes provide opportunities for greater efficiency and flexibility in your hiring processes.

Your Compliance Partner: CIC's Electronic Form I-9 Solutions

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