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Social Media Screening

We understand that employers may have some reservations about social media background screening. Is this an invasion of privacy? Does it involve hacking into accounts?

Is Social Media Screening an Invasion of Privacy?

The short answer is no.

CIC utilizes the only social media CRA to have been successfully reviewed by the FTC. Our process involves AI and FCRA-trained human analysts to focus on problematic online behavior. Our researchers will screen a candidate's public social media profiles where adverse content is likely to be found. There is absolutely no hacking involved and usernames and passwords will never be requested. We report only publicly available content which has been reviewed for business-related behaviors.

Employers must get consent from their job candidates before CIC will conduct social media screening for them. That way all applicants are aware that a social media background check is part of the hiring process. We do the work for you and report FCRA compliant data, quickly and without the noise of unusable data.

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