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CIC offers news and updates to employers about the latest laws, trends and risks related to hiring, fraud, and drugs or violence in the workplace.

Corporate Investigation for 43 Years

We are all adjusting to the changing times and working hard to keep our businesses moving forward. CIC is uniquely positioned to be able to help with any questions you might have or situations that you may need help managing.

Adjusting to the Changing Times

CIC can strategize with your team to help plan your next moves. Here are some areas that we have experience helping clients with:

Termination / Corporate Downsizing

CIC security professionals will assist employers in managing potentially difficult terminations due to corporate downsizing.

Corporate Downsizing

Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Training

CIC security professionals are uniquely qualified to conduct training for workplace violence prevention and response.

Workplace Violence

Security Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

CIC has developed training for companies to find the hidden holes in your security and train supervisors on prevention.

Security Vulnerability


CIC investigators will implement strategic plans, covert camera and tracking systems, and video surveillance to expose fraud.


We'll Get Through This Together

Use CIC expertise and get ahead of the issues that may arise. Call our investigators for your free consultation. We are available Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:00 Eastern Time. We are in this together and we will work through this together.

CIC is licensed in Ohio and Michigan to conduct investigative services for organizations and law firms. CIC provides research, expertise, and thorough documentation to help you make informed management decisions. Our process involves providing detailed investigative plans, itemized cost estimates, frequent information updates, and acting as a law enforcement / prosecution liaison. For more information about this article or general Investigative and Security Services, please contact us at 1.800.573.2201 / 419.874.2201.

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