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Background Checks Custom Research

Background checks are vital to employers who need to build a team they can trust. When running a background check, it's important to conduct the proper searches in order to determine if an applicant should be entrusted with access to controls and key responsibilities required for a particular position.

For example, a background check could be customized for a financial position to include a credit report. A driving record search could be included in a background report on an individual applying for a transportation job.

Our screening specialists will work with you to tailor research based on your particular needs, to ensure all the required information is included in the Applicant Invite, providing you with the custom background information needed to hire the right person.

Background Checks: Custom Search Packages

Over the years, CIC has expanded our capabilities to accompany our customer service philosophy: going above and beyond for our clients.

Do you need Search Packages based on your specific Job Categories?

No problem. We can help you design your search packages to go beyond the basic background check, including Sanctions Checks monitoring and even compliant Social Media screening. We will conduct the most appropriate searches to ensure the candidate is qualified for a specific position.

Do you have a new staff member who needs to be trained on the specifics of our process?

No problem. We can do training in various ways to make it effective and efficient. CIC offers an overview of our Employment Screening system where we demonstrate some of the basic features and benefits, as well as the built-in safeguards to keep your company compliant with employment laws when running background checks. We will work with you every step of the way.

Would you like to have an online application process that ties directly into the screening system?

No problem. CIC's Employment Screening system has an integrated Applicant Tracking feature that provides data insights to help you evaluate your processes and provide candidates with a positive and fair application experience.

Would you like an integrated Adverse Action process?

No problem. Our Background Screening system provides that option. Adverse Action notices are integrated into the process—you simply download the forms with the completed report and send them to the applicant.

Don’t want to collect Personal Identity Information from Applicants?

No problem. Personally Identifiable Information is helpful in running accurate and quick background checks. PII is not necessary for employment decision-making and should be omitted from the employment application. CIC’s Applicant Invite interface will provide a compliant experience so that the applicant provides CIC with their PII directly.

Do you need some in-depth, follow-up research on an applicant that we screened for you?

No problem. Just tell us what you need. Our convenient, fully-automated Employment Screening system is available around the clock and every order you place is monitored by our team of professional screening specialists to ensure you get the most accurate information as quickly as possible. Plus, you will have direct access to a background check researcher—not simply a call center or operator. We will work with you to tailor research based on your hiring needs.

Compliant Employment Screening Services

As you can see, our Employment Screening specialists can accommodate a variety of needs for our clients. However, CIC is a multi-faceted firm with capabilities that go beyond Pre-Employment Background Checks.

CIC has positioned itself to offer a wide variety of services for you to choose from to help you make more informed decisions for your business and employment needs.

Let's discuss ways we can help streamline and strengthen your hiring process.

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