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Background Checks

Running background checks on job applicants can seem like a burden on businesses struggling to move forward after a period of economic shutdown. Finding qualified workers is a challenge in a shifting landscape where so many have fallen out of the workforce...

Despite the risks, there’s an alarming trend among desperate employers who cut corners in the hiring process and accept applicants without performing thorough background checks.

Ideally, an employer should work with an employment screening company like Corporate Intelligence Consultants who provides the tools and methods necessary to run compliant background checks.

There are essential forms and consent documents required to get the applicant’s permission to run a background check, and necessary notifications upon completion of the screening process. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires a two-step “adverse action” process, which informs applicants as to the reasons they have been excluded from employment consideration.

Circumventing this process or ignoring vital steps could put you out of business.

Skipping Background Checks can Result in Bad Hires at Every Level.

For some employers, the routine background screening process seems tedious and slow, so they look for ways to gather information on their own, believing it will be easier and faster. They rely on the interview process and information provided on resumes, or they place emphasis on background references from contacts provided by the applicant. Employers should trust their instincts to some extent, but when considering an applicant for hire there are serious risks involved in ignoring a potential criminal background of a prospective employee or a critical lack of qualification for the job. Employers must consider the data:
  • Almost 50% of applicants provide false information on resumes.
  • 10% of applicants have criminal records, most of which go unreported during the hiring process.
  • Approximately 60% of education verification requests reveal fraudulent information.
  • 70% of those abusing illicit drugs in America are employed.
  • Approximately 30% of failed businesses are victims of employee theft.

Unfortunately, bad hires impact organizations at every level. No matter how polished and qualified an applicant appears to be, only a thorough and compliant background check performed by expert researchers who understand employment law will reduce the risk of a bad hire and safeguard your company.

Here are 3 reasons why performing professional background checks should be a top priority in building your company:

1. Due Diligence in the Hiring Process Protects Employers from Liability.

A thorough and compliant background check will provide a solid defense against negligent hiring claims. In the unfortunate event a new employee should commit a crime against the company, another co-worker, or even a customer, you have a greater legal defense by proving you performed due diligence in the hiring process, evidenced by a comprehensive background check report from a licensed corporate investigation company.

2. Comprehensive Background Checks Promote Workplace Safety.

Employment background checks demonstrate you are proactive about workplace safety. Your current employees are relying on you to maintain a safe work environment. They are trusting you to hire individuals with good background records and proven qualifications for handling day-to-day work while respecting their co-workers and maintaining established work culture.

Likewise, an applicant who is undergoing a thorough background check can rest assured that this process has been performed for each and every employee at the company in a fair and impartial manner, reinforcing your commitment to integrity and safety, and giving your new employee a sense of trust at work.

3. Compliant Employment Screening Helps Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits.

Proper employment screening can help you avoid discrimination against protected classes under federal law, i.e. race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and age. Employment law is not to be circumvented, and keeping up with current employment law is demanding.

This is why it is best to partner with an experienced and knowledgeable employment screening company like CIC to help you navigate the myriad of laws governing employment background checks.

Partnering with CIC for Background Screening Services will Strengthen Your Company.

At CIC, our goal is to help employers make the most informed hiring decisions to protect their companies over the long-term. We understand the desperation that comes with trying to staff and maintain business during a time of uncertainty and why some employers are tempted to skip the background checks.

Talk to us about an employment screening strategy that works for your company. We have the essential tools to keep your business in compliance with the FCRA while helping you find the right people for your company.

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